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First Race is 4 Weekends Away!


Hello Team,

Yes that is right, we are one month away from the first race of the season. The Clinton Training #1 is on March 22 and it is being hosted by the Montana Junior Cycling Federation. I have raced these races for the last two years although they have been held for at least a decade if not longer. Don Russell, our local USAC representative, offers a racing clinic around this time of year in which he lectures on race safety and etiquette free of charge to anyone who is interested. Don is the guy who will tell you when you have scored enough points to upgrade in race categories. All new racers start out as Category 5. You are required 10 road race starts to upgrade to Cat. 4, however, I believe that if you attend his clinic he will give you credit for 5 races! I will send out an email when he announces the date of this clinic to keep you all in the loop.

Now about the training race….. There are three groups of racers A (the gladiators), B (the wanna-bes and has beens) and the C (Newbees). These categories are self seeded so you get to choose how hard you want to work. The course, if it is unchanged this year, is a circuit race consisting of 3-4 laps of a roughly 5-10 mile loop (sorry my recollection of exact distance is fuzzy. Turn out is always good and a workout is guaranteed. I highly recommend that you put these races on your calendar and join me down there representing GNCC!

In case you have been waiting for the right time to start riding outside, wait no longer. The roads in the valley have been generally clear and although a little cold I have been please to notice that wind has been minimal. I am working on my base so I am trying to get as many hours of low intensity riding in as possible. I would like to have some company if any of you are interested in joining me?????

Now for a report from last weekends training fun. On Saturday, I drove to Eureka to meet up with Todd Tanner for a ride. I was please to find that Matt Butterfield and Ben Parsons also made it up for the season opener. The four of us set out on a sweet tour of the Tobacco Root Valley led by Todd. I can not believe the amazing riding up there, there is hardly any traffic, the roads are mostly clear of ice (Todd is in denial about the presence of any ice, however my bruised ass is evidence that ice is real and it can be slick!) and travel through very diverse scenery. I will be heading up there again soon and I hope that you join us.

Ok that is all for now, please feel free to use this forum to communicate with other team members and get some energy going for the fast approaching race season.