Granja del Cerdo

A big thanks goes out to all who made the 1st annual GNCC Granja del Cerdo a big success.

…and to all the GNCC racers who stepped up on the podium!

A full race wrap up will be up soon…

Look at that object in a filthy mud hole by the roadside. At first, you distinguish nothing but a pile of black, slimy mud. The dirty mass moves! You think of a reptile, a turtle, some uncouth monster, reveling his Stygian filth. A grunt! The mystery is solved. The sound betrays a hog. You avert your face and hasten by, sickened with disgust. Stop, friend, admire your savory ham, your souse, your tripe, your toothsome mountain bike racer…

Thanks to Matt at Off The Grind and Bear for the fine pics and a fantastic video re-cap.



1 Response to “Granja del Cerdo”

  1. 1 bikebuff June 23, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    Zella looks like she is in heaven! That is an awesome picture, you must send it to Brad.



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