GNCC Board Meeting Minutes

Great Northern Cycling Club Board Meeting 10/14/08

In attendance (thanks for coming!)

Craig Prather
Howard Williams
Nicholas Dumbroadskavich
Jason Schmitt
Brenda Winkler
Ted Chappell
Lynn Barinowski
Bear Barinowski

Mission Statement-

The mission statement as posted on the team website was read.  All appeared to agree that this mission statement was well written revision did not appear to me to be necessary based on the reaction of those at the meeting.

Brainstorm Session – Needs List

  • Improved communication.
  • Timely notifications for all meetings.
  • Better description of the volunteer responsibilities prior to event.
  • Regular Web Updates / Postings
  • Media releases
  • Sponsorship Coordination
  • Massage relationships with sponsors after money is given.
  • Sponsor appreciation
  • Treasurer
  • Bank Account
  • Member benefits
  • Club member benefits
  • Racer benefits
  • Entry Fee/Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • Training Ride Schedule
  • Ride leaders scheduling
  • Ride description
  • Liability Issues
  • Uniform
  • What about the kids? Junior Development.

General Discussion:

Who is the board?  From the discussion that ensued, a board member is any club member who cares to identify themselves as a board member and is willing to attend a monthly meeting  (the second Tuesday of every month) and is motivated to work to accomplish the clubs mission statement.  This may change if numbers are becoming too great.

Current self-identified board members are:

Craig Prather
Howard Williams
Nicholas Dumbroadskavich
Jason Schmitt
Brenda Winkler
Ted Chappell

We anticipate the board to grow.  If you are interested in becoming a board member come to the next board meeting.

General Discussion Continued

Preliminary board member roles:
•    Web update person
•    Media person
•    Event Coordinator
•    Group Ride/Social Event Organizer
•    Sponsorship Coordinator
•    Treasurer
•    Uniforms

Jason Schmitt volunteered to be the Web Update Person as this works well with his morning routine.  Coffee, BM, Run, Meditation, Web Update.

Urgent Needs Discussion:

Sponsorship and Fund Raising: This is a big area that needs immediate attention so the board decided to assign tasks for getting to work on this immediately.

  • Nicholas Dumbroadskavich and Howard Williams will work together to create a document to present to potential sponsors, this document will be completed by the next board meeting
  • Brenda Winkler will obtain all race result information from the team and compile the info for the Sponsorship Document.
  • Craig will organize a team picture that will be included in the Sponsorship Document.
  • Jason will stand by for instructions and try to put on some weight so he does not make the rest of us look obese.
  • Ted will try to keep us on task and off of each others toes.

Board Meetings will be at 6pm the second Tuesday of the month at Great Northern Cycles, the next meeting is:



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